Editor’s Note: We originally wrote this article for BuzzFeed.

Since Obama restored our relationship with Cuba (seriously Obama, can you come back please?), it has never been easier for Americans to visit this Caribbean country. The big cruise ships are on their way to Cuba, but if you want to experience authentic Cuba, you need to go before it becomes another American tourist destination. Note: you still need to fall under one of the 12 approved reasons to travel to Cuba.

Because You Can Travel Back In Time

havana cuba

Vintage cars are omnipresent in Cuba, making you feel like you just stepped back in time.

The Cuban People are the Most Welcoming in the World

havana cuba

They’re singing, they’re dancing, and they want you to join them. The only thing more colorful than the Cuban architecture is its people. Their zest for life is palpable.

Because Beautiful White-Sand Beaches Are Just 90 Miles Off the Coast of the U.S.

cayo largo cuba

Cuba is home to some of the world’s greatest beaches. Think pristine white-sand, palm trees blowing in the wind, and no tourists.

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