We had the privilege to write an article for Livestrong.com on the top 20 things we’ve learned from traveling the world. We interviewed travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts from around the world about the lessons they have learned in their travels and we are happy to share them all with our roaming readers! In this article, you’ll find lessons from greats like Legal Nomads, Nomadic Matt, and Global Roaming, not to mention – your favorite travel bloggers at Roamaroo!

At some point in our lives, most of us have had the urge to travel, whether domestically or internationally. You might even have a checklist of places you want to go. Maybe you want to dance in the walled colonial Caribbean city of Cartagena, drink Malbec in Argentina, climb glaciers in New Zealand or hike the dangerously active Mt. Etna on Sicily’s east coast. But aside from all the amazing memories, crazy stories and incredible pictures, the lessons you learn about yourself and the world can be just as powerful and long-lasting. Even if you haven’t traveled extensively, you can still learn from these travel bloggers who have made a career out of the art of travel. Here are the top 20 things they’re learned from traveling the world.

1. Sometimes You Just Have to Take the Leap

“There is never going to be a perfect time for something. In travel, we have a limited amount of time to experience a certain place, thus we are engaged in the moment and the ‘perfect time’ becomes the present. As much as we can tell ourselves that ‘someday’ things will be different — someday we will decide to stand up to that bully, someday we will decide to start that workout — but someday is not a day of the week, and it will never come. Now is the time, today is the day.” –Collette and Scott Stohler, bloggers at Roamaroo