With one of the highest concentrations of Michelin-Star restaurants, it’s difficult to decide where to dine in Tokyo. With dozens of three-Michelin star restaurants and some of the top rated restaurants in the entire world, Tokyo is a culinary tourists tantalizing fantasy. While we had a wide variety of choices when it came to dining, we chose to eat at the Three-Michelin Star Nihonryori Ryugin as one of our dining experiences and it far surpassed the hype. Ryugin is a restaurant that will keep you salivating for the rest of your life.

How to Get a Reservation

The best way to make a reservation at Ryugin is to go through the concierge of your hotel in Tokyo. We highly recommend organizing a high-end hotel in Tokyo as their concierge has greater influence with restaurants in the area. Have your concierge call Ryugin at least a month in advance for a coveted table. If your schedule allows, try to be as flexible with your time and date. Ryugin takes lunch and dinner reservations and the price varies based on whether you’re eating at lunchtime or dinnertime.

How Much Does it Cost?

Dining at Ryugin is a gastronomical and astronomical investment, but it is completely worth it. Dinner costs 27,000 Yen, which is equivalent to around ~$250 a person. If you’d like to get a wine/sake pairing with your meal (which we highly recommend), that will increase your price by about $150/each.

The Meal

Dining at Ryugin is a full 2-3 hour incredibly epicurean experience. The meal commences with a menu printed on fine paper documenting the food that will be served. The headline of our menu read, “Plating the Prodigality of Japanese Nature.” We knew we were in for a treat.

The Menu


“Beginning with a Variety of Sensations”


“Seasonality, Aroma, Temperature, Texture and Assemblage”

“Owan Soup: Philosophy on the Ichiban Dashi”


This was presented covered. As we opened up the tasteful delight, our waitress explained how the soup contained water from Mt. Fuji.

“Sashimi: A Message from the Coast of Japan”


“Richness of the Sea, Tidal Current”



“A Powerful Scent of Charcoal Grill”

“Grace of the Hometown”

This was by far the best steak that we have ever eaten in our lives. It is served with a perfect egg yolk that we were instructed to dip our steak into. The steak was perfectly cooked, medium rare in the middle with a delectable crisp on the outside.


“An ambassador of Kagawa’s Heritage”

“The country of Rice Plants”

By far, some of the best rice we have ever dined on in our lives. Ryugin created a unique twist on a traditional ingredient.


 “Pleasure of eating of the same trencher.”


Two different desserts, both equally as playful and delicious.


“Coolness, Warmth, Playful Spirits, Nostalgia and Temptation.”