Mykonos is one of most popular islands in all of the Mediterranean. Known for its debaucherous nightlife, eclectic crowd, and beautiful beaches, Mykonos is a perfect island vacation in Europe. It’s a part of the Cyclades Islands, a group of islands in the southeast Aegean Sea. Mykonos has been a favorite summer holiday destination for tourists from around the world for decades. We hope you enjoy our ultimate travel guide to Mykonos.

Fast Facts About Mykonos Greece

  • Best time of year to visit: June and September
  • Currency: Euro
  • Recommended length of visit: 3-5 days
  • Climate: Dry, hot and windy summer months
  • Who it’s for: Party lovers, Friends, Couples that want action and a party scene.
Vacationing Couple Embracing

The Pros of Mykonos Greece

I (Collette) first visited Mykonos when I was nine years old while on a cruise with my family. A lot has changed since the late 90’s and it has been bittersweet to watch the island evolve. I visited the island again when I was 21. I was fresh out of college and on my post-grad European fist-pumping tour. After Scott and I got married, we visited the island on a cruise. We returned again on a five-night trip in 2018. The locals are incredibly welcoming, the food is delicious, the beaches are heavenly, and the nightlife is wild. There is an amazing bohemian energy throughout the island.

The Cons of Mykonos Greece

While we clearly enjoy our time in Mykonos – (I’ve been there four times and we’ve been there two times as a couple), it’s not our favorite island in the world. Mykonos has gotten very overcrowded and the island is extremely expensive. Parts of the island can be a bit of a “scene”. We already live in Los Angeles so when we travel, we try to escape that. Don’t get me wrong, the island is still fabulous. That said, I think it has seen its time as the underground, bohemian island in the Aegean. This travel guide to Mykonos will help you find its best aspects.

Transportation in Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is very spread out, with Mykonos town on the west side of the island, the majority of the beaches on the south side, and resorts spread out all over. It can be difficult to figure out how to get around in Mykonos so we wrote an entire article on transportation in Mykonos. Be prepared to shell out cash for taxis and public transportation. If you want to be super bad and bougie, after all – this is Mykonos, you can rent a private speedboat for ~100 euro to take you to any of the beach clubs.

Boating in Mykonos

We highly recommend hiring a private boat in Mykonos for at least one day.

Best Restaurants in Mykonos Greece

Interni: Interni is a restaurant and lounge located in the heart of Mykonos town. In the summer months, the restaurant transforms into a hot spot for jet setters. We recommend booking a late dinner reservation and then enjoying the party scene at Interni.

Remezzo: Remezzo has been a staple in the jet set scene for over fifty years. Located in Mykonos town, Remezzo offers fine Greek dining with a beautiful view of the town.

Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Mykonos Greece

180-Degree Sunset Bar: It’s touristy, it’s tapped into, but it’s still the best place to watch the sunset in Mykonos. 180 Degree Sunset Lounge Bar is set in a castle above Mykonos town. We recommend arriving early and getting a table with a view of the sunset. For ~50 Euro, you’ll get table service. You also won’t have to deal with the crowds of people. You’re already spending around 15-20 Euro per drink. You might as well pay a little extra to avoid the riff raff.

Picturesque Sunset in Mykonos

Best Beaches in Mykonos Greece

Not all beaches are created equal in Mykonos; some are relaxing, others are wild, and some are even fully nude! Our recommendation for Mykonos beaches: pick your beaches wisely, but have an open mind.

Elia Beach: One of the calmer, more secluded beaches in Mykonos. It is located is on the south side of Mykonos, away from the party beaches. It’s located at the base of the hill from the Myconian Hotel complex. This is definitely the beach to visit for partaking in beach sports like parasailing, standup paddleboarding, and jet skiing.

Super Paradise Beach: Super Paradise beach is the hub for the Mykonos party scene for the LGBTQ community. The party is always pumping at Super Paradise, clothing is optional, and everyone is welcome. We definitely recommend visiting this beach while you’re in Mykonos.

Paraga Beach: Paraga Beach is a great overall beach with lounge chairs, swimming, and beach bars. I would call it the “go-to” beach for a good time.

Psarou Beach: Psarou is one of the “calmer” beaches in Mykonos. This beach is a bit further away from the action, but it’s the perfect place to go if you want to sip cocktails and relax on the beach without a crazy party.

Aerial View of Mykonos Greece BeachesBeach Umbrellas at Paraga Beach

Best Beach Clubs in Mykonos Greece

While Mykonos is a magical island with fabulous beaches, world class fine dining, and interesting art galleries, it’s best known for its rambunctious party scene. During the summer months, the beaches of Mykonos turn into full-on beach parties New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Mykonos is the island that never stops partying! Here is a list of the best beach clubs in Mykonos.

Nammos: Opulent and sophisticated, Nammos is the ultimate Mykonos beach club. Located on Psarou Beach, Nammos has a divine Aegean location with white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and a delectable restaurant. While this is the place to see and be seen, it comes at a steep price tag of 150-euro PER PERSON per chair. That doesn’t include any alcohol or any food – it’s just your entrance and beach chair. Hot tip: If you want to save money, go at lunch so you don’t have to pay the steep cost of chairs. Additional hot tip: with every bottle of wine you purchase, you receive a decadent cheese platter (doesn’t make up for the 150-euro, but STILL – it’s something!)

Scorpios: Since opening in 2015, Scorpios has become a beach club and nightlife staple on the island of Mykonos. While guests can visit marinate in the sun on lounge chairs during the day, Scorpios truly comes alive during sunset. As the sun sets over Mykonos, free spirited travelers descend upon the dance floor and dance the night away through sunrise. We recommend heading here after a day at Nammos. As long as there is good weather, there is a free boat from Nammos. Hot tip on Scorpios: while bottle service can cost thousands of dollars at their tables, we recommend reserving a spot on their sunset terrace. The minimum cost for seats here is the price of one bottle (~45 Euro in 2018). You’ll get “bottle service” at a fraction of the cost.

Nammos Beach ClubWoman at Nammos Beach Club in Mykonos

Additional Recommendations:

Super Paradise Beach: Gay. Nude. Wild. See “Beaches” above.

Paradise Beach: If you want to fist pump on the beaches of Mykonos, then Paradise Beach is your place. Things get rowdy here!

Jackie O’s: Located at the east end of Super Paradise Beach, Jackie O’s is an elegant oasis right next to the chaos of Super Paradise. The crowd here is high-end and glam.

Best Hotels in Mykonos Greece

The Myconian Collection: This family run hotel collection owns nine luxury hotels on the island of Mykonos including Relais & Châteaux properties as well as Leading Hotels of the World properties. We stayed the Myconian Utopia, a chic property atop Elia Beach. Their other properties are located in the Elia Beach area, in Mykonos town, and in Platis Gialos.

The Grace Mykonos: The Grace Mykonos is an award-winning hotel on the west coast of Mykonos. Their tailor-made adventures, wellness amenities, and personalized touches create a bespoke boutique hotel experience.

Bill & Coo Coast Suites: This Leading Hotel of the World is a romantic respite on the wild island of Mykonos. This boutique hotel has an infinity pool that overlooks the Aegean Sea and even has a few rooms with outdoor private pools!

Myconian Hotel Swimming Pool