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Tokyo is a city that electrifies your soul with its eccentricity, fabulous food and futuristic feel. It’s a city inimitable on its own, but then we found the Park Hotel Tokyo and it became a completely unique and immersive experience incomparable to the rest of the world. The Park Hotel captures Tokyo’s special ingredients so beautifully and elegantly, and effortlessly infuses all of them into a magnificent hotel. In a city filled with luxurious skyscrapers, The Park Hotel’s unique décor, decadent design, fabulous location, and attention to art make it stands the tallest of them all.

The Rooms

It seems as though these days, all luxury hotels seem to be a cookie cutter version of themselves, but the rooms at the Park Hotel Tokyo stand out from the pack. The hotel has commissioned local artists to hand paint rooms based on the artist’s own unique history and vision. There are no two rooms that are the same on the floor of the artist rooms. When the Park Hotel Tokyo commissions an artist, they allow the artist to stay in the hotel and “absorb the atmosphere of the hotel.” We stayed in the Artist Room “Washi,” which had a Japanese paper theme, but also had the chance to visit various other rooms including a temple room, a cherry blossom room, a sumo room, and a dragon room.


All of the artist rooms at the Park Hotel Tokyo incorporate Japanese culture, unique aesthetics, and history into the vibes and visuals. We traveled to Tokyo to completely immerse ourselves in the culture and it all began with our stay at the Park Hotel Tokyo.

The Service

The Japanese are known for their hospitality and graciousness, making our stay at the Park Hotel Tokyo completely delightful. From the moment we made our reservation at the Park Hotel Tokyo, the hotel staff was utterly attentive to our every need. We were mostly impressed with the concierge staff who secured a handful of exclusive reservations at the cities most esteemed dining establishments, including the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro. The service oriented staff at the Park Hotel Tokyo made our stay monumental and memorable.


The Location

The Park Hotel is located between Shimbashi and Shiodome stations, two easy to access subway stations right in the middle of the action of the city. Within walking distance to upscale Ginza and surrounded by architecturally stimulating skyscapers, this tantalizing tower takes up the top 10 floors of the Shiodome Media Tower. With views of the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay, and Mt. Fuji, the location of the Park Hotel is observably impressive.

While the city’s skyscrapers can be intimidating, the Park Hotel incorporates natural elements into the interior of the building, softening your stay and creating a sanctuary in the center of the city.