Editor’s Note: As we’ve traveled around the world, we have found ourselves in some particularly sticky situations. Sure, travel can be glamorous and awe inspiring, but between the beautiful beaches and sights to see, there are always scammers waiting to prey on innocent tourists! Read on to learn our 7 Travel Tips to Keep you Safe While Traveling.

1. Set the Price First

The first of many travel tips to keep you safe is a very important one. Before getting into any taxi or going on any tour, always set the price first. Taxi drivers can run meters, change prices, or take you on a runaround of a foreign city to jack up prices. Always set your price before getting into a taxi or a tour so there is never any confusion and you are in control of the situation at hand.

2. Don’t eat in a tourist area

After visiting a tourist area, it’s easy to want to head into the first restaurant you see, but beware of the prices that are behind those doors. Tourist restaurants know that they can up prices by more than 50% just via their proximity to popular sites. Walk at least 2 blocks away from the tourist destination to find lower, local prices.

3. Never give your credit card

Credit card scams can happen at home or on vacation, but the last thing you want is your credit card to be taken in a foreign country, leaving you stranded without money. When dining at a restaurant or buying anything at a shop, make the staff bring the credit card machine to you, constantly keeping the card in sight.

What travel tips do you use to avoid getting scammed while traveling? Comment below!