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As travelers, explorers, and outdoor adventurers, we always seek out destinations that offer epic explorations, beautiful scenery, and lots of heart pumping challenges. While there are plenty of outdoor adventures across our beautiful country, Colorado Springs is always one of our favorite places to explore. Every trip to Colorado Springs has offered an environment to digitally detox and indulge in the beauty of the Great Outdoors.


The Adventures

Colorado Springs is known for its multitude of outdoor adventures including hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, bouldering, rock climbing, and fishing. Colorado Springs is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and escape into the sanctuary of the mountains.

The Top Outdoor Experiences You Should Experience in Colorado Springs

Whitewater Rafting: Rafting aficionados should head out to the Royal Gorge for an adventurous day of whitewater rafting.


Biking: From urban bike rides through the city of Colorado Springs to mountain biking trails, there are endless options for cyclists of all levels.

Rock Climbing: There are dozens of gorgeous options for rock climbers in Colorado Springs. The favorite “must see” location for climbing enthusiasts is the Garden of the Gods Park. Other options include North Cheyenne Cañon and Palmer Park.

Fishing: The Pikes Peak region offers multiple options for fishing fanatics. There are reservoirs and rivers where fishermen of all ages can enjoy the Great Outdoors.


Hiking: Whether you want a leisurely walk, a challenging hike, or an adventurous trail run, there are endless options for outdoor enthusiasts. Garden of the Gods Park, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Bear Creek Dog Park, and the Paint Mines all offer winding trails and incredible views of Colorado Springs.

Horseback Riding: There are dozens of horseback riding trails to choose from, but some of the best trails exist in Garden of the Gods Park and Cheyenne Cañon.


Who Should Visit Colorado Springs

The beauty of Colorado Springs is that it has adventures for people of all ages and abilities! Whether you want leisurely hikes or intense climbs, there is an outdoor escapade for everyone. Whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a family wanting to bond in Mother Nature, or an athlete looking for a heart pumping challenge, Colorado Springs offers activities for every type of adventurer.

Leave No Trace

As adventurers, we’re firm believers in taking good care of planet earth and Mother Nature. Whenever you’re enjoying the Great Outdoors, it’s important to always stay on marked trails, pick up your own trash, and be virtuous guardians to the land. When possible, we like to leave the trails cleaner than when we found them. It’s imperative that we all do our part to keep Mother Nature as beautiful as she is. Even if we see trash that is not ours littered on the trail, we pick it up and dispose of it. We always want to promote responsible tourism, preserve our natural resources, and Leave No Trace.