The idea of a steakhouse normally generates overprices meats, wines, and pretentiousness in most peoples heads. That is far from the norm in Buenos Aires Argentina . Steakhouses, or Parrillas (grills) are very common and very inexpensive. We scoured the Palermo area to find the bet steakhouses. It was a tough, and “filling” job but someone has to do it. If you want to know which Argentinian restaurant to dine at, read through to find out the best steakhouses!

BackPacker’s Budget:

Secret Parrilla – Palermo

Secret Parrilla Buenos Aires

The Locals will likely get upset with me for writing about this gem. The name of the restaurant hints to it’s theme. There is NO SIGN on this restaurant, you must know the address and just open the door. When we visited here we weren’t sure we were at the right place but once we opened the black door, we knew we had found it. Don’t be turned away by the plastic menus or cheap writing on the walls. This place knows how to do steaks. There’s not a very extensive wine list, I believe there were only 2 red options for us, but that’s ok. The wine won’t win any awards but for only $7.00 (yes seven USD) it was the best quality to price we’ve ever had. Like most foreign restaurants, we asked the waiter what he recommended. After a salad, ricotta ravoli, 2 massive ribeye steaks, a bottle of wine, AND dessert (dolce de leche speciality) our bill was….. $45 USD (for 2 people)! We couldn’t believe it. (maybe split off bill?) We love this restaurant in Buenos Aires Argentina !

  • Even though this is under our backpacker budget we recommend it to all travelers.
  • Recommendation: make a reservation
Secret Parrilla Buenos Aires

*Look for this address and the entrance is a few feet away from it

  • Reservations are Recommended
  • Price per plate $30-50 USD
  • Av. Dorrego 2720, Buenos Aires

Traveler’s Budget:

Don Julio – Palermo

Don Julio Parrilla - Buenos Aires

If you search “best steak houses in Buenos Aires,” Don Julio’s is likely to show up on 9 out of 10 lists. This is a well know steakhouse among locals and visitors. We understood why from the minute we walked in. The decor is beautiful and one of a normal steak house. The smell of the grill fills the room from the minute you walk in. We didn’t have a reservation and only had to wait 20 mins. But like normal Buenos Aires Argentina hospitality, they treated us to a complementary glass of champagne while we waited. Like most steakhouses you can watch the chefs trimming the slabs of meat like an artist with a paint brush during your meal. Don Julios has a very extensive wine list and depending on your preference this restaurant could easlily fit in our Jet Setter budget. For this visit, there were 3 of us and after 2 bottles of wine, 2 salads, and Steaks for all, the total cost was $150/3 people or $100 per couple. Don Julio’s service was exceptional and the hours of this dinner melted away like the fat on the grill. Even though this is under our backpacker budget we recommend it to all travelers.

  • Recommendation: make a reservation
Don Julio Parrilla - Wine Selection

There are plenty of wines to chose from at Don Julio’s in Buenos Aires Argentina !

  • Reservations are Recommended
  • Price per plate $15-20 USD
  • Guatemala 4699

Jetsetter’s Budget:

Steaks by Luis – Palermo

Rated as the #2 restaurant in Buenos Aires Argentina on Trip Advisor and as the top steak house in Buenos Aires we couldn’t miss an opportunity to try it out. Unlike the previous two recommendatios, Steaks by Luis is more about the private and exclusive dining experience. Here you take part in an Asado which per their website “is a traditional Argentine barbeque shared amongst friends and family typically featuring a selection of grilled beef and pork dishes and a healthy dose of wine.” Unlike the other two restaurants, this dinner was at a large communal table with 20 total people at a scheduled seating time. If you think it will be awkward sitting with strangers, don’t be, the host was entertaining and helped loosen up the conversation with laughs and healthy pours of wine. The dinner was a 5 course meal with wine parings for each course. The 20 of us entered as strangers but with all the wonderful wine parings we left as friends. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a typical Buenos Aires dinner, which is several hours long, filled with laugh, wine, and plenty of food. While this is under our Jet Setter Budget, the $75/person is far from a normal steak house price. 

  • Reservations are a must!
  • Reservations are a Must!
  • Price per plate $75 USD
  • Malabia 1308