This article on the Fiji Islands was originally written for and featured in Matador Network.

Welcome to the Fiji Islands! You’re on island time now. With 333 islands, it’s easy to have your pick of wondrous white-sand beaches.


Fiji is home to the world’s only floating pizzeria. Located three miles offshore, Cloud 9 serves freshly-made pizzas and delicious cocktails, all in the middle of the South Pacific.


Located close to the International Date Line, the island resort of Qamea is set on 100 acres of lush jungle and white-sand beaches.

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The coral reefs in are known as some of the healthiest reefs in the world. Under the sea, you can find a kaleidoscope of coral colors, thousands of species of fish, and eight species of sharks.


A quick 10-minute boat ride from Royal Davui Resort brings you to the Sand Cay. You can only visit this private island for a few hours of the day due to the tides.

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