We’ve been fortunate enough to fly in a multitude of business class cabins for long-haul flights around the world, but we recently enjoyed the best business class of our lives on Qatar Airways. We had the opportunity to fly on the brand new Airbus 350 Qatar Airways business class from Philadelphia to Doha (and onwards to Mykonos). The entire business class experience was worth every penny. We would fly Qatar Airways again in a heartbeat. There are direct flights to Athens from Philadelphia and other East Coast cities. However, the Qatar Airways service in the air and prior to departure made it worth the extra hours to Mykonos.

This article is NOT sponsored in any way. We just loved our experience so much that we wanted to share it with you!

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PAssengers on a Qatar Airways Business Class Flight

Qatar Airways Business Class Seats

The A350 is a two-cabin flight with 36 business class seats. The seats are beautifully designed to look like their own individual pods. The seats fully recline, they have massive entertainment screens, and fantastic storage. Every business class passenger receives a BRIC’s Milano beauty kit. Each kit has face moisturizer, socks, Chapstick, earplugs, and a night mask. Passengers are also offered their own set of personal pajamas and slippers. Every seat has an amazing entertainment system with 17-inch touch screens, surround sound, power sockets, Wi-Fi, and an extensive list of entertainment options.

The Cabins are arranged in a 1-2-1 format. This format is great for business class flyers because it offers a great deal of privacy and everyone has direct access to the aisle. However, for couples that would like a window seat – this can be less than ideal. We chose two window seats, one in front of the other. We ended up switching seats to be next to each other (one of us in the window seat and the other in the middle aisle). If you’d like to be able to cozy up to each other and talk easily, we would recommend choosing the two middle seats.

Comfortable Seating on a Qatar Airways Flight

While the lie-flat seats are absolutely amazing, the pod cocoons your body once in a horizontal position. This can be bothersome to taller people.

Qatar Airways Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin is split into two different sections. A self-service bar and entrance/exit to the plane separate the two parts. There is no overhead space in the middle of the cabin creating a very open and airy feel to the plane. There is beautiful purple mood lighting in the cabin. Prior to taking off, the airplane plays great music to get you ready for your 12.5-hour flight to Doha.

The new Airbus 350 (A350) is a wider aircraft. Qatar Airways takes advantage of that with wider personal space and extra-large overhead bins.

Qatar Airways Plane Cabin

Qatar Airways Business Class Service

While the cabin was absolutely amazing, the best part about flying Qatar Airways business class is the service. The flight attendants that tended to us on our flight were absolutely incredible. They anticipated needs, always offered food and beverage, and did it all with a smile. Our experience is how we imagine air travel used to be in its glory days when the role of flight attendant was highly prized.

As soon as we boarded the plane, our flight attendant escorted us to our seats then put our bags overhead for us. Next, she offered us welcome drinks. We agreed, of course, and highly recommend ordering the rosé champagne!

The flight attendants made sure that we were comfortable, well fed, and that our wine glasses never went empty. After dinner, our flight attendant asked if she could get our beds ready for us. For turn down service, she put down a mattress pad on the lie-flat seat and set out a plush blanket and pillow for our slumber.

At the end of the flight, our flight attendant came around and asked for constructive criticism and feedback. We were so amazed that the team was so eager to better themselves by actually asking for feedback.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Business Class Food

We usually recommend that people skip the meals on airplanes because they’re never worth it, but the food on Qatar Airways was absolutely amazing. For dinner, Scott had the chicken and I had the beef. They were both absolutely divine! Everything was served with “candlelight” (a little electronic candle for mood lighting) and beautiful wine pairings to go along with the meal.

For adult beverages, passengers can choose from an award-winning list of wines and fine spirits.

For breakfast, we both had delicious omelets prior to landing at Hamad International Airport. Everything was expertly prepared and not overcooked. While we can’t compare it to a fine dining experience, it was by far the best food and service we’ve ever experienced in the air.

An In-Flight Toast with Wine Glasses

Qatar Airways Lounges

The only “bad” part of our entire Qatar Airways experience was the lounge at Philadelphia International Airport. Qatar Airways passengers have access to the British Airways lounge. It is very small and crowded. If you’re not a BA passenger, then be warned. You will feel segregated. We were not allowed to eat the same food as the British Airways passengers, sit in the same seats, or even be present in the same area. There was nothing “special” about this lounge experience. We quickly left when we found out there was an American Express Centurion Lounge next door!

When flying Qatar Airways, you will have access to the Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Hamad International Airport. The lounge there is completely first class. It’s worth stopping in for a meal upon arrival if you have a layover or an overnight.

First Class Flight Passes

Head to the Amex Centurion Lounge instead of the Qatar Airways Lounge at PHL

Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Hamad International Airport

Overall, we fully understand why Qatar Airways Business Class was named the Best Business Class cabin by Skytrax in 2018 and we can’t wait to fly them again one day!