We’ve always believed that adventures are the best way to learn. We quit our corporate jobs six years ago and we’ve chosen adventure as our currency of which we see the world. With the birth of our baby girl just around the corner, we wanted to take one last trip as just the two of us. For our final trip as two, we booked a trip with our Wander card from Credit One Bank to the place that means the most to us in the world on our favorite type of trip:

a California road trip.


The Road Trip

We flew into San Diego Airport, rented a car, and drove up to Oceanside, California. After Oceanside, we headed to the desert to Palm Springs. Following Palm Springs, we drove up to the Central Coast to Santa Maria. Our last stop on the road trip was Hermosa Beach, California before flying out of Los Angeles Airport. Here are top picks for things to do in Oceanside, Palm Springs, Santa Maria, and the South Bay of Los Angeles.


  • Rent e-bikes and go on an artisanal coffee crawl. Stop at Revolution Roasters and Communal Coffee.
  • Breakfast Pancakes at High/Low
  • Get pancakes at Parlor Doughnuts
  • Explore a coastal helicopter rid

Palm Springs:

  • Eat BBQ at Babe’s
  • Go Hiking in the Coachella Valley Preserve
  • Explore outdoor art installations around the valley
  • Go rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park (free entrance when purchasing a pass with your Wander Card!)

Santa Maria:

  • Drive on the sand at the Oceano Dunes
  • Eat Santa Maria BBQ at The Hitching Post
  • Drink Central Coast wine at Presquile

South Bay, Los Angeles:

  • Coffee at Two Guns Espresso
  • Dine at Manhattan Beach Post
  • Dine at Felix in Venice

The Wander card by Credit One Bank

We’ve never been typical travelers, which is why we didn’t want a typical travel card. After living in an Airstream for 18 months, we craved the thrill and freedom of the open road…and we wanted a credit card that would reward us for just that. The Wander card rewards the adventurer, the seeker, the doer, the intrepid domestic traveler…basically, we felt like this credit card was designed with us in mind!



The Wander card doesn’t reward with airline miles or airport lounges. Instead, it rewards the road tripper and adventurer with more points on activities that you love.

  • Receive points at National Parks, amusement parks, professional sporting arenas
  • Receive points for lodging and restaurants (including camping)

Learn more about the Wander card here.