Fiji is an archipelago in the South Pacific known as the friendliest islands in the world. With over 330 tropical islands to choose from, Fiji is pure paradise for people looking to unplug from the world. Before flying down to visit Fiji, there are certain things to know before you go.

1. Learn the Local Language:

While most everyone speaks English in Fiji, it’s important to learn a few words from the local Fijian language before you visit Fiji. “Bula” translates directly to “life,” but it is used as a greeting, cheers, and welcome. “Vinaka” means “thank you.” These two words will be used frequently during your visit to Fiji.


2. There’s a Floating Pizzeria:

Fiji is the only place on earth with a floating pizzeria and it’s named Cloud 9. The pizzeria can hold up to 100 people on its floating barge and it is definitely one of the best party spots in all of Fiji. Make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time!


3. Bring mosquito repellent:

While this tropical paradise boasts some of the best beaches and lush jungles in the world, it also is home to lots of mosquitos. Bring insect repellent with you to prevent infections like the Zika virus.

4. Fiji is home to some of the fanciest hotels in the world:

While Fiji is very laidback; some of the hotels in Fiji are the fanciest in the world. Tony Robbins owns Namale, Lacaula Island is an exclusive private island resort, and Royal Davui is an adults-only barefoot escape.


5. It’s very religious:

While there are still some tourist attractions open, most of the islands spend their Sundays at church. If you’re looking to learn a bit more about Fiji, this is a great time to visit a local church. All religions are welcome.

6. Bring conservative clothing:

You’re fine sporting your bikini at your resort, but if you head into a local town, it’s suggested to cover your body. Men, that means shorts that go below your knees or pants. Women, this means covering your legs and shoulders.

7. Island Hop:

There are over 330 islands in Fiji. While you most likely won’t be able to see them all (but if you do, more power to you!), you should stay on multiple islands. Each island is different than the next and it’s important to have different types of experiences during your vacation. We highly recommend visiting Qamea, Royal Davui, and Lomani Island.


8. You Have to go Diving:

Fiji has some of the best reefs in the world, mostly because they haven’t been as affected by coral bleaching as many other reefs. Fiji is also home to large coral cliffs and colorful soft coral.

9. You don’t need to be a millionaire to visit Fiji:

While Fiji boasts some of the most high-end resorts in the world; you don’t have to be a millionaire to visit. There are plenty of affordable ways to visit Fiji. If you want a budget friendly trip to Fiji, try to stay on the main island of Nadi. You’ll save money by not having to island hop. You can also rent an Airbnb!


10. Be ready to drink Kava:

A trip to Fiji wouldn’t be complete without participating in a traditional kava ceremony. This drink comes from the yaqona plant and it is a mild sedative. Kava ceremonies traditionally occur within local tribes, but many hotels offer kava ceremonies. To accept the kava, one most clap three times, drink the entire bowl in its entirety, and then clap three times to show appreciation for the kava. We very much enjoyed participating in multiple kava ceremonies and we experienced a numb mouth and euphoric buzz from the kava.