The Zion Narrows are one of the most iconic and unique hikes in the country – especially in Zion National Park. This slot canyon hike is one of the most picturesque hikes, weaving you through 16 miles of river, in and out of monolithic mountains that tower above you.  Because it’s an out and back hike, this hike can range from 1-8 hours and you get to choose how far you want to venture.

While temperatures in Zion National Park have been known to regularly skyrocket above 100 degrees in the summer months, the temperature in The Zion Narrows is way different. The temperatures in the Zion Narrows are much cooler, there is a lot more shade, and the water you’ll be wading through is nice and frosty! To best prepare you for an iconic hike through the Zion Narrows, here are the items you’ll need to pack:

1. Walking Stick: We are putting this first because it is extremely important! While a walking stick is not required, it is immensely helpful for navigating through the Narrows and crossing river rapids. The walking stick will act as a third point of contact, allowing you to be more stable as you cross rapids and uneven terrain. You can bring your own or rent one in town at Zion Narrows Rentals.


We highly recommend hiking with a stick to help you cross the river and the rocky path

2. Water boots: The majority of the hike will be spent walking through water, so you’ll need to wear shoes that you’re comfortable getting wet. We rented waterproof boots from Zion Narrows Rentals and they were lifesavers. The boots came with a neoprene sock that felt like a wetsuit for our feet. The boots went on over the neoprene socks so that our feet stayed comfortable, insulated, and stable throughout the hike. While we saw people wearing regular water shoes and old sneakers, we were SO happy that we chose to rent water boots. Whatever you do, do NOT wear sandals. You’ll be hitting and kicking rocks, which will not feel good if you have open toed shoes on.

3. Dry Bag: Nothing can ruin a trip faster (especially for you fellow photographers out there!) then wet gear. We purchased a low-cost dry bag on Amazon and we kept our cameras, snacks, and a change of clothes in case we got soaked! We saw people using trash bags, but those aren’t as reliable as a dry bag seal.


4. Layers: The temperatures in the Zion Narrows can be much cooler than the rest of the park. In fact, we were surprisingly cold during most of the hike. Your bottoms are definitely going to get wet so we recommend wearing shorts or a bathing suit on the bottom. For the top, it’s important to layer synthetics, which will wick away moisture without changing your body temperature. If you wear cotton, the moisture in sweat will be absorbed by the fabric and it can make you cold. We also recommend bringing a light jacket if you’re prone to get cold.

5. Water: Wherever you are in Zion, it’s imperative to bring LOTS of water to keep you hydrated. We packed about two liters of water and we also brought a water purifier so that we could fill up in the river along the way.

6. Snacks: Remember to bring lots of snacks for you to munch on along the way. We packed a homemade breakfast burrito (yum!) and then snacked on CLIF BARS, RXBAR Nut Butter, and Tuna. When you pack your snacks, remember to put them in a plastic bag or dry bag so that they don’t get wet.