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Nestled between Lake Michigan and Green Bay, Door County, Wisconsin offers 300 miles of charming coastline that continue to redefine romance. From its wineries to its orchards, its breweries to its boutiques, and its art galleries to its outdoor adventures, it’s amazing that one place has so much to offer. We had the pleasure of visiting Door County during fall when the trees turn to magnificent shades of orange and red, a crispness permeates the air, and the peninsula comes alive.

Lately, life seems like it’s at a constant speed of pedal to the medal, but Door County allowed us to slow down, relax, and enjoy the little things in life. That meant disconnecting from social media (gasp!) and picking up a book, putting down the computer and heading out on a kayak, and ditching takeout for romantic dinners out on the town.



Door County has over 300 miles of coastline so it can be difficult to know what part you should stay in. We stayed at the Hillside Inn in the town of Ephraim, about 45 minutes from Sturgeon Bay, the main town in Door County.  This Bed & Breakfast was a luxury boutique inn set right on the water. Our room was immaculately designed and had a gorgeous deck overlooking the water. The Inn is continuously ranked in the top 5 Bed & Breakfasts in America!



  • White Gull Inn: The White Gull Inn is known as one of the top restaurants in all of Door County. This restaurant, located in the town of Fish Creek, has the best fish boil in all of Door County. The fish boil is a Door County dining experience that started when its Scandinavian settlers came to Door County. The Fish Boil involves freshly caught whitefish from Lake Michigan that is cooked in boiling water with potatoes. As the fish cooks, the oil rises to the surface. When the fish is done, the Boiler tosses kerosene on the flames under the pot causing it to burst into a large fireball, and spilling the fish oils over the side. What is left over is a perfectly finished piece of fish.
  • Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant: This restaurant, run by generations of Swedish settlers, is a Door County staple. When visiting, nosh on the Swedish meatballs, Swedish pancakes, and douse it all in lingonberries (grown only in climates that have the midnight sun). Don’t forget to check out the fainting goats that graze on the roof (yes, on the roof!) What are the goats up to right now? Check it out on their Goat Cam.
  • Door County Creamery: The Creamery is a goat dairy farm, creamery, and café located in Sister Bay. The café creates handcrafted cheese, artisanal gelatos, and delicious sandwiches.
  • Lure: If you want an upscale dining experience with handcrafted cocktails, head over to Lure. Enjoy your fine dining experience with freshly caught seafood and prime meats.
  • Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor: If you want to transport to the early 1900’s, head over to Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor in Ephraim. Established in 1906, this restaurant is a must for those wanting the vintage ice cream parlor experience.


  • Door County Brewery: Door County is all about local experiences and the best local beer experience is at Door County Brewery. This family owned craft brewery brews delicious beers, specializing in Saisons and IPAs. Make sure to order one of their epic local cheese platters while you’re there!
  • Peninsula State Park:  This State Park occupies 8 miles of Door County coastline. With campgrounds, hiking trails, biking trails, and a lighthouse, it’s easy to spend an adventurous day (or more) at Peninsula State Park.
  • Cave Point County Park: Head to Cave Point County Park for some kayaking in the great outdoors. Paddle through the emerald waters and explore hidden caves and bluffs with Door County Kayak Tours.
  • Go Sailing: Lake Michigan is known for its winds, making it the perfect place to go sailing! You can rent a boat and go sailing on one of its many bays.
  • Jet Ski: For those visiting in the summer months that are looking for a little action, rent a jet ski and head out onto the lake!