There are certain things that are quintessentially London; the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, pints in a pub, fish and chips, and of course, afternoon tea. We searched all of London to find the most proper and most refined tea room in London to serve the absolute best afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason.

Tea room in London - Place Setting

Fortnum & Mason is the absolute most luxurious department store in the world. As you pass the loads of wonderful shopping and walk up the elegant staircase, you’ll find yourself in the classy Fortnum & Mason tearoom. From the moment we walked through the elegantly carved wooden doors and were graced with the smooth sounds of an elegant piano, we knew we were in for a treat. As we were seated at our table, we were greeted with one of the most tastefully presented place settings our roaming eyes have ever feasted on. Brace yourselves, there is much more to come!

After looking over the vast menu and choosing from dozens of regal teas, we made our decision to have jubilee tea. We are in London and how could we not choose such a festive British name?

Tea Room in London - Table

According to their website, “Fortnum’s has sold tea for more than 300 years,” so serving tea is in their bloodline. The traditional afternoon tea is an absolute must when visiting London.

From the Tiffany & Co. colored plates to the chic teapots, the entire tea experience was on another level. The sophisticated Fortnum & Mason servers brought out plate after plate of traditional British sandwiches, scones, and sweets. We definitely got our moneys worth as we ordered plate after plate; I mean…we are American after all.

We highly recommend using the cream on the scones and asking for an array of jams and jellies to tickle your taste buds. The red velvet cake is also out of this world.

Tea room in London - Snacks

At 44 pounds a person (whoa!), this was well worth the cost, but best reserved for a special occasion. This is the best tea room in London.

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