While we’ve been married for five years, we are firm believers that the honeymoon should never end. We believe in daily declarations of love, romantic getaways, and never taking any moments together for granted.

To us, we thought of our anniversary as our own Aruba honeymoon. We’re always looking for a beautiful mixture of the best beaches, romantic experiences, endless adventures, and gourmet food, so Aruba was a natural selection for our anniversary. While we’ve been to over 75 countries, the country that we continuously return to is the idyllic island of Aruba.

When it came time to celebrate our five-year anniversary, there were dozens of islands in the Caribbean to choose from – all promising beautiful beaches and fantastic waters, but none can compare to the amazing island of Aruba. That’s why we chose to celebrate our love with an Aruba honeymoon.


Eagle Beach Aruba

The Caribbean’s Largest Vow Renewal Ceremony

Aruba has a very special place in our hearts because in August of 2017, we renewed our vows at the Caribbean’s largest vow renewal ceremony. When it came time to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary in August of 2018, we chose to do it all over again, but this time, even bigger and even better. At this years #ArubaIDo vow renewal ceremony, over 200 couples joined each other on the beach for an amazing celebration of love complete with a full ceremony, live music, drinks and dancing.


The Caribbean’s Largest Vow Renewal Ceremony

Aruba Beaches

Aruba has the most pristine white-sand beaches in the world. It’s home to celebrated beaches like the serene Baby Beach on the South coast and the unspoiled Eagle Beach on the West coast, but it’s Flamingo Beach that truly holds a special place in our hearts. Flamingo Beach is located on a private island owned by the Renaissance Hotel right off the coast of the capital of Oranjestad Aruba. Flamingo Beach has tranquil turquoise waters to swim in, luxury cabanas for all-day relaxation, and you guessed it – flamingos! From 7 am to 7 pm, guests can feed and swim with flamingos. To find out how to access Flamingo Beach, click here.


Flamingo Beach Aruba

Things to do in Aruba

When we travel, we always look for a mixture of action, adventure, romance, and gastronomy. While we had the option to sit beachside with tropical drinks, rinse and repeat, we always chose to participate in the multitude of activities on Aruba. If you’re a honeymooner looking for something more than a Caribbean Beach, Aruba is the island for you.


The west coast of Aruba is home to calm waters and white-sand beaches (like the #4 beach in the world – Eagle Beach Aruba), making it the perfect backdrop for activities like kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and snorkeling. In addition to the experiences on the west coast of Aruba, there are an abundance of adventures on the rugged and romantic east coast of Aruba. We highly recommend renting a Jeep and driving to Arikok National Park where honeymooners can swim in the Natural Pool, visit Dos Playa Beach, and view ancient rock paintings at Fontein Cave. In addition to the Natural Pool, we highly recommend renting UTV’s and off-roading along the rugged shoreline on the Northeast of Aruba. If honeymooners are feeling especially adventurous, they can try their hand at kiteboarding on the North Coast of Aruba.


The Natural Pool / Conchi


Rent a Jeep to Get Around!

Aruba Hotels

Aruba has a wide variety of hotels that cater to honeymooners. For those looking for a luxurious hotel for an Aruba honeymoon, sweethearts can stay at the Bucuti & Tara resort located on the world’s #4 beach, Eagle Beach. Other luxury hotels include The Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach. For a four-star honeymoon, travelers can stay at the Manchebo on Eagle Beach Aruba, The Renaissance in Oranjestad, or The Amsterdam Manor.


Manchebo Beach Resort

Aruba Restaurants

Aruba is home to an abundance of gourmet restaurants that are perfect for an Aruba honeymoon.

The Flying Fishbone: With toes in the water dining, The Flying Fishbone is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner on the island of Aruba. Honeymooners should request a table in the water and order a bottle of champagne as they watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea.

Yemanja Woodfire Grill: Yemanja was by far our favorite place for dinner on the island of Aruba. This restaurant is located in Oranjestad and it has a wide variety of delicious and healthy options to choose from. We highly recommend ordering the Yemanja Power Bowl!

Passions on the Beach: Located on one of the best beaches in the world, Passions on the Beach offers a toes in the sand dining experience right on Eagle Beach.

The West Deck: For honeymooners looking for a relaxed vibe, head over to West Deck for the best seafood in Aruba. Grab a bucket of beers and nosh on fried calamari, conch, and grouper fingers – all with a view of the calm cerulean waters.

Screaming Eagle: Located on Eagle Beach, the Screaming Eagle is a trendy restaurant and lounge where diners can enjoy their dinner in bed!


Champagne with a side of sunset


Laid-back dining at The West Deck Aruba

Is Aruba Safe From Hurricanes?

Aruba is known for its pristine white-sand beaches, crystal clear Caribbean waters, and perfect climate. As if Aruba wasn’t perfect enough, it also sits below the Hurricane belt, ensuring safety from dangerous hurricanes that wreak havoc to the Caribbean from June to December. Aruba also has the most days of sunshine out of any Caribbean island guaranteeing that you’ll have a blissful vacation without the worry of tropical storms.

The climate in Aruba differs from its Caribbean neighbors. Aruba is mainly a dry, semi-arid, desert-like climate has an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. While there is a “rainy season” from late October to the beginning of January, this rain is short and sweet and won’t ever ruin an Aruba honeymoon.


Disclaimer: Thank you to the Aruba Tourism Authority for flying us down to Aruba to experience the Caribbean’s largest vow renewal ceremony. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.