Las Vegas has always been a special place for us. After all, it’s where we met nearly a DECADE ago (wow, does time fly!) We were planning our return to Sin City for the spring, ready to indulge in everything that makes Vegas, Vegas: The Strip, the pool parties, the decadent dining, the gambling, and most of all – the anything goes attitude.

While Vegas has been closed for the past couple of months, its reopening is on the horizon. With new social distancing rules, how will the city change? Let’s take a look at how things are going to be changing in Vegas…because the show must go on.

  • Phased reopenings: Hotels will not open all at once. Instead, reopening will roll out in phases with resorts opening at different times. The resorts will start opening in June 2020.
  • Shows: Vegas is known for its shows and while the performances will move forward, things will be a little different. The shows will run once a day and guests will be spaced out to enforce social distancing. But luckily, the show will go on!
  • Gambling: Gambling will continue (hooray!), but it will look a little different. Social distancing will be enforced and tables and dice and slot machines will be sanitized between players. Masks will not be mandatory, but they will be encouraged.
  • No pool parties: Unfortunately, we won’t be fist pumping at Encore Beach Club this summer. Pools will also have to adhere to social distancing rules and will undergo a strict cleaning regimen. You’ll still be able to rent cabanas and have drinks, but you won’t be crammed in with your favorite DJ’s.
  • No buffets: Restaurants will adhere to social distancing rules and food will only be served by staff. There is talk about restaurants removing ~25% of tables. This may be the end of buffets as we know them.
  • Temperature Screenings: There are discussions about thermal camera installations / temperature checks at entry points to casinos and hotels to detect fevers. This has already been implemented in Macau with great success.
  • Sanitation: Hand sanitizer will be readily available around resorts and casinos. Some resorts, including the Venetian Resort, will even have amenity kits available in your hotel room with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and a personal face mask.
  • Deals: There are going to be AMAZING deals when the city opens up. There won’t be as many large conferences because of limits on gatherings.

Will you travel to Vegas this summer? Comment below!