LUUUUUUUUUCHA!!!! When I think of the most wacky, fun, and wild thing I’ve ever done in Mexico City, it’s attending a Lucha Libre match. Lucha Libre, or Mexican wrestling (think WWE), is the second highest spectator rate after soccer in Mexico! Not only is it a popular sport, but it has become an integral part of Mexican culture. Here is everything you need to know about Lucha Libre Mexico City.

What is Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre is freestyle fighting, which involves Greco-Roman-style wrestling with a twist of theatrics like the WWE, and always wearing masks. While I’m not normally a wrestling fan, this was definitely a highlight of my trips to Mexico City. It combines the athleticism of Greco-Roman wrestling, the entertainment of the WWE, and the acrobatics of gymnastics. Most of all, it’s a party for the fans. The audience is very interactive, wearing masks to support their favorite wrestlers, and cheering them on with beers and micheladas in hand!


Where to Watch Lucha Libre

The best place to watch Lucha Libre is in the Arena Mexico, an indoor arena that is primarily used for wrestling. Known as “the cathedral of wrestling,” Arena Mexico holds over 16,000 people! The Arena Mexico is THE place for Lucha Libre.


How to Get Tickets

Tickets are available on Ticketmaster, at the ticket booth on the night of the match, or through your hotel concierge. I’ve been to a Lucha Libre Mexico City match twice in CDMX and each time, my hotel concierge was able to secure AMAZING seats close to the ring. The top hotels in the city will have special access to the best tickets so I definitely recommend securing tickets through your concierge if you can.

When to Go

Lucha Libre Mexico City matches are performed multiple times a week at different venues around Mexico City. Friday night fights at Arena Mexico are known as the “party” night in CDMX.

The Match / Performance

The stage is lined with dancers that perform a choreographed dance when each “luchador” (wrestler) enters the arena. The entrances, similar to that of WWE, are very theatrical and truly set the stage for the fight. There are “good guys” and “bad guys” and fans for both sides. Once the match begins, expect at least 6 people in the ring for each match. The “fighting” is more television acrobatics than actual fighting, but it always makes for good entertainment. If a mask is ripped off during the fight, that’s the ultimate offense!

While it’s obvious that much of the fight is rehearsed, the suspension of disbelief and the energy of the arena make the Lucha Libre experience a must in Mexico City. It’s over the top, it’s entertaining, it’s hilarious at times, and it is an amazing experience in Mexico City.


Food & Drink

While at the match, there will be plenty to eat and drink. There are vendors that walk around selling beers and micheladas to drink. To eat, there will be popcorn, sandwiches, and other little snacks. There are places in the arena that you can get food and drinks, but with the plethora of vendors, you’ll really never need to leave your seat.


In addition to some cervesas, you’ll also want to score yourself a mask!