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Hello Fellow Roamers! It’s Dr. Kate again, here to share some exciting things with you as the world continues to turn. How has your budget planning been going? In my last blog post, I asked you to write down the date, make a budget, and write down a potential trip date and spot of your choice. Since that moment, l’m sure that life has gotten in the way.

Your schedule has increased with meetings galore at work, perhaps you’re boggled down with trips to and from your kids practices or lessons, and making plans with extended family for the holiday season. Have you been scrolling enviously through Roamaroo’s pictures and places from the comfort of your couch?

Comfort vs. Spontaneity

Comfort is something that we crave as humans. Familiarity and social conformity is a part of our genetic makeup. So it may excite you to think about jumping on a plane to an exotic destination of your choice, but it also may also really, really scare you. I mentioned that in the last post, as travel anxiety is often a large majority of why people choose to stay put.

Anxiety in Travel

Anxiety or worry about travel stops most people from going anywhere. So let’s break this down. First off, anxiety can really be explained on a continuum. Many people experience anxiety in small doses, as it gets you out of bed, showered, and out the door in order to get to work on time. A little bit of anxiety goes a long way, as it provides that extra push that you need to perform to the best of your ability in whatever life is asking you to do.

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However, with travel, some people find that anxiety actually holds them back from going places rather than pushing them off the couch and out the door. There are a lot of factors in travel that produce anxiety, specifically events that are completely out of your control. For example, you can do your best to make a list, shop until you drop, and have all of your ducks in a row, but still forget something at home. Or, you can get to the airport and have weather delays, cancelled flights, missed connections, or missing bags upon arrival.

Vulnerability in Travel

These stressors don’t even scratch the surface of anxiety that comes with rough weather in the skies, foreign countries where you don’t speak the language, or showing up to your hotel without a known reservation under your name. It is horrifying. And it is amazing that anyone has the ability to persevere through all of these challenges, place themselves in vulnerable situations, and go. A lot of the remote work that I do with patients helps overcome all of these scenarios and more, so that they can make it to their business meeting overseas or get to their grandchild’s graduation on the other side of the country.

“There’s a Bench in Paris With Your Name on it”

paris france roamaroo

And trust me, it is worth it. The big, beautiful, whole wide world is waiting for you out there. There’s a bench in the gardens of Paris with your name on it. There’s a seventh wonder of the world that you’ve got to check off your bucket list before you’re time is up on earth. So do as much planning as you can, control what you can from your couch, and expect bumps in the road.

When you let go of rigidity, you are able to fall a little easier into anxiety and discomfort while traveling. The truth is, life is never a narrow and easy road. You have experienced so many challenges and you have overcome every single one of them. Traveling truly is just the same.

Your Next Assignment

So your next assignment, is to sit down for:

  • 3 minutes a day
  • For the next 3 days
  • Journal or bullet point the concerns you have about what may happen to you if you leave your couch.

I want you to really think about these stressors, put them in black and white, and recognize that they are real issues for you. We will touch base next time on what to do with this insight. Remember, the world has so much to offer you, and the more you travel, the more you grow.

Shine On and Roam On,

Dr. Kate