Since I was a little girl, my mother always instilled in me the importance of a thorough skincare routine. As a teenager and much to my chagrin, I can remember her insisting I take makeup off nightly and moisturize my face and eyes. I used to think it was overkill (as most teenage girls do), but years later, I’m grateful for the skincare habits she instilled in me. Now that I travel over 150,000 miles a year in an environment that is dryer than the Sahara Desert (hello, airplanes!), I have to make sure that I take extra good care of my skin. Here are my travel beauty items that I can’t live without!


Eye Cream: Moisturizing the delicate under-eye area is imperative to a good skincare routine. I’ve always loved Caudalie products and this eye cream is absolutely fabulous for travel. I recommend dabbing the eye cream on with your ring fingers since this part of your face is very sensitive.

Daytime Serum: I always use a serum underneath my moisturizer to add antioxidants to my skin, brighten my skin, and restore cell growth. I specifically love Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum which has Vitamin C in it that helps protect against environmental toxins, while helping to improve firmness and fine lines.

Moisturizer: A great moisturizer is absolutely essential for any skincare routine. I often use my moisturizer multiple times throughout my flights. I absolutely love Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2. This cream is a little heavier, but it has powerful anti-aging properties and my skin always feels so moisturized when I apply this. If you’re interested in a lighter moisturizer, I highly recommend Sunday Riley Tidal Cream.

Night Serum: I have two night serums that I love, both of which are made by Sunday Riley. After washing my face and prior to applying my moisturizer, I either apply the Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil or the Sunday Riley A High-Dose Retinoid. They help reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles while also soothing redness.

Face Wash: After sitting in stagnant air on an airplane or sweating my way through a new destination (yum), it’s imperative that I wash off the day with a gentle, yet cleansing face wash. I love iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser. The cleanser uses raw honey to cleanse while also moisturizing my face.

Clarisonic: I started using my Clarisonic Mia a few months ago and it’s a game changer. It gently cleanses my face and it feels like a mini facial massage! Tip: Cleanse your face first to get rid of makeup and then use the Clarisonic with your cleanser for a second wash.

Face Masks: Because airplanes are so dry, I try to always use a face mask after a flight. If I’m on a very long flight, I’ll even use a face mask on the plane (and scare all of the passengers lol). When I’m traveling, I love using sheet masks for the ease of packing. When I’m at home, I use the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque for hydration.

Exfoliator: It’s important to scrub dead skin cells off of the skin. I love using the Dermalogica Daily Exfoliant because it’s rice-based, which is gentle on my skin. It helps balance my uneven skin and scrubs to perfection.

Sunscreen: We live in sunny Southern California and love being outside. While I used to worship the sun when I was growing up, I now protect myself as much as possible (hello, 30’s!) Most sunscreens make me break out, but the Supergoop SPF 50 sunscreen is heavenly! With a 50 SPF, it’s strong enough to protect me from harmful UV rays, but it’s light enough that it feels great on my skin.

Lip Scrub: I’m not sure if it’s age, winter, or the amount that I travel, but I’ve noticed that my lips tend to get more chapped as time goes on. I like using a gentle, organic lip scrub to rid myself of dead skin and prepare my lips to absorb chapstick / moisturizer better.

Makeup Remover: It’s imperative to remove makeup from your face – especially when you’re on a plane. I like using fragrance free makeup remover wipes to wipe off excess makeup, dirt, and oil prior to applying serums and moisturizers.

Travel Haircare

Split End Serum: Beach hopping is great for the soul, but saltwater can wreak havoc on your hair. I travel with the Oribe Split End Haircare serum, which is safe for hair that has been colored.

Shampoo: I travel with my own shampoo and conditioner because hotel shampoos and conditioners oftentimes don’t cut it. General shampoos can strip hair of nutrients and color, which is why I travel with Kerastase shampoo to protect, clean, and strengthen my hair.

Conditioner: Most hotel conditioners simply don’t cut it. I love the Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color because it moisturizers, detangles, and protects my hair. Lots of hotel conditioners don’t replenish the hair and can often weigh my hair down. The Oribe conditioner is rich enough to moisturize, but light enough to keep it voluminous.

Texturizing Spray: When I need a boost of volume or texture, I spray this Oribe texturizing spray. It instantly acts as a dry shampoo, absorbing excess oil. I only wash my hair every 3 days (to retain moisture) so dry shampoo is an absolute must for me!

Moisturizing Masque: I restore moisture to my main by giving my hair a moisture masque once a week. I absolutely love the Oribe (if you couldn’t tell already) Signature Moisture Masque. I leave in the luxury masque for as long as I want and it reconditions my hair.